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FILMS/SERIES with a Briard in it :
Le voyageur sans bagages (1944) (Briard:Prince de la Noé Rocard)
My three sons (1960-1972) (Tramp photo)
Bachelor father (1957-1962) (Jasper)
Get smart (1965-66) (Fang Agent K13 mix breed)

L'ours et la poupee (1970)
Married...wth children (1987) Buck
Vieux gamin (19xx) (Briard Barry de la Fontaine aux daims)
Le bal des casse-pieds (1992)
Coup de jeune (1992)
Dennis the Menace (1993) (Dir. Nick Castle) (photo 1) (
Rosie )
The mask (1994)
Top dog (1995) (Dir.Aaron Norris) (photo) (photo 2)
Breaking through (1996) (Dir.Fred Gerber)
As good as it gets (1997) (Briard i/t waitingroom at vet.)
Dharma and Greg (1997) (Sticky mix breed)
I'll be home for Christmas (1998)
Buddy (1997) (Dir.Caroline Thompson) (photo)
Dennis the Menace strikes again (1998) (Dir. Charles T.Kanganis) (photo)
Air bud III (2000) (Dir. Bill Bannerman) (pup ?) (photo)
American Wedding (2003) (Dir. Jesse Dylan)
Karate dog (2004) (photo) (photo-2)
Kiss kiss bang bang (=Stevie) (2005)
Ne le dis personne (=Nina) (2006) (Dir. Guillaume Canet) (O P'tit Loup de la Chaume du Bois Dieu)
Easy A (2010) (dir.Will Gluck) (photo)
Et si on vivait tous ensemble (2011) (Dir. Stephane Robelin) (Baboo de la Chaume du Bois Dieu) (photo)

 If anyone knows of other great 'cinemaperformances' of Briards, please mail me ! 

Statue of Briard in Autun Statue Autun info 1922 Autun (front) 

Autun (detail) The real size of a pup, next to the statue


Very beautiful sculpture +++



French wine 1995 Saint Veran

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