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My great friend Ayla
My great friend : Ayla

Jeanne with Ayla and Tholie
My wife with Tholie and Ayla

Jolien with Ayla and Tholie
Briards like children a lot !!! (Jolien with Ayla and Tholie)

Ayla and Tholie
Our dayly walks in the woods (Tholie and Ayla)

We in Spain...
We on our yearly visit to Spain

our biggest coockie-supplier
My father in law : the best coockie-supplier...

They are so cute...when they finally fall asleep 

 Voss : the greatest character ever !
Voss : the greatest character ever !

Vos Du Mont Brindille

Vos is one of the greatest characters to be found...
Voss : one of the greatest characters to be found...

Cropped and uncropped side to side ....
Cropped & uncropped Briard side by side...

totally adorable !!!
Totally adorable, am I not ?

My alltime top 8 favourite personal pictures

Favourite pic 1
picture 1

picture 2

These are the pictures I am totally proud of
 picture 3

my top favourite picture
 picture 4

picture 5

 picture 6

picture 7

Totally adorable, isn't it ???
picture 8

Three colors of Benetton...
picture 9


Superb pictures from other people !

Uselle (picture Ylva Lindstr├┤m)
Urselle (picture Ylva Lindstr÷m)

Also a great picture taken by Ylva Lindstr├m

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