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Funny pictures of our Briards   PDF  Print  E-mail 

Ayla practising to be a sandflea

The best birthday cake you can dream of !!!
The best birthday cake you can dream of !!!

One of the feet is not mine... :-)))
Adapting to a waterly environment : growing webbed feet  ;-)
For the record : One of the feet, is not mine !!!

One time we went on a  walk for Briards organized by the national Briard-club. That day the weather was rather sunny. The days before it had been raining. While we were walking in the woods and we passed a lake, one of the dogs thought it would be great to collect some mud for his boss at the partly dried side of the lake.... :-)
I don't know it anymore : Am I a black or a tawny dog ???

my great life !!!

Uraika : Good habbits are easy to copy   :-)

Just been washed : Finally I can see ...

I endure...
Life can be hard.... "I have to endure the combing...."

my little palmtree
What's that palmtree doing on my head ???

fully packed car
How to pack everything for a long trip, in a stationcar     :-)))

Typical for our dogs (and Briards ???) : they always want to lie, right there, where you have to work... 

my elegant nose...
Don't I have an elegant nose ???

life can be hard
LIFE CAN BE HARD !    :-)))

Hiding behind the sofa...for the vacuum cleaner

always sleeping with her tongue outside her mouth...
Tholie : always sleeping with her tongue out of her mouth

don't waste any energy, why should you ?
Don't waste any energy while eating...

peep !!!

always sleeping with my head hanging down...
Tholie sleeping : always with her head hanging down

A dog with no head...

A head with no body !

I like those nuts
Not a good picture, I know, but it shows Raika determined to get the sack of nuts hanging in a tree at 1.80m above the ground and she will get it !!!

I can sleep in any position
Everyone has his own way to sleep :-)))

You nearly don't see me on this picture, but I surely lie there somewhere


Raika : A real help inside the house : this was pillow

every bone will do when I'm hungry :-))

Most Briards like to swim...

A lot of hair - It seems like I'm a very big dog, but...

but once out of the water...

I've got a real slim line !!!

For a cookie we even want to sit down, without being asked first
For a cookie we even want to sit down, without asking

Could you refuse a cookie ???
Could you refuse us a cookie ????

when are we going to eat ???
when are we going to eat ???

Briards can even carry their own survival kit...
As long as there is food in it :-) 

Down to my level
zzz .....

I like you !!!
I may be a bit overwhelming to show that I like you very much !!!

hellooo there...
helloooo there.....


sisterly side by side ...

A real bar for Briards !!!
A drink anyone ???

How log can it get ...
A long tongue, it can be practical sometimes : you can lick something from greater distance than others

Give me a beer please
One beer please ...

How funny Briards can be : Funny Pictures from other foreign sites...



(Mokka picture Ylva LindstrĂm)

(Urselle  picture Ylva LindstrĂm)

how complicated can you sleep ?
Tubbe (Tholie's brother) :  picture Ylva LindstrĂm

Every Briard has his own way of sleeping...
Every Briard has his own way of sleeping...
(picture Ylva LindstrĂm)

 Choose your hirer carefully
After herding, a joint siesta ...




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