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In the year 2000 we attended  a herdingcourse just for Briards organized by Yvonne De Vries. The location :  the Ardeche (France). During a  week we had superb time, together with 20 other Briards and their bosses. Because our Ayla was already 11 years old, we just  entered our Tholie to attend the course.

the flock                                                           me                                                    one subject

the location : the Ardeche in France

first nose contact                                 what fascinating creatures                                eye contact

they really draw my attention                                            training natural border                        training natural border with sheep

letting sheep get used to sheperd                            letting sheep get used to herdingdog                    controling the degree of intrest of the dog

learnig to jump over the fence                         stay put and wait for the command                    waiting at the corner to let the sheep pass by

guiding the sheep                                      bringing one back to the group                                          using little pinches to do so

waiting at the bridge

guiding the sheep to the grazing-spot                             guiding them back to the fence                        waiting patiently and letting them in

the herdingdog in action with goats         authentic shepard with his flock and briard               the autentic shepard 

a future herdingdog...                                                the 3 instructors                                        the whole group

      LAUDE !!!

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