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Europe & Belgium (in red colour)                  Belgium

LIVING : My wife and I are living in a place called Buggenhout in the centre of Belgium in Europe (+/- 20km from the capital Brussels) . We have moved there since mid-1996. It's a place known for its nice wood (= Buggenhout bos 140ha).   In the neighbourhood there also is a stream called "Schelde" : both places are ideal for making walks for hours with our dogs.

Sita     Ayla      Tholie
Raika Binka CARO

WORKING : We both work on an intensive care unit in a university hospital in Brussels.

HOBBIES : Apart from our dogs...
    My wife : Reading books, gardening, enjoying life
    Me : Film&music - gardening - basketball - computer

DOGS : Up to now we have had 4 dogs : Sita and Ayla (who both unfortunately died) and 2 others, Tholie and Uraika , both Briards and still alive. All four were/are females. They all have different characters, but all 4 are extremely friendly to people. If possible we always take them with us whereever we go, even on our yearly holidays by car to France or Spain.

To make a possibly long introduction short : We try to give our dogs the best life possible and try fully, to enjoy life with them. 
They are without any doubt our great, faithful and furry friends   :-))



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